Credit Cards to Earn Miles: Find the Best One for You

Credit Cards to Earn Miles: Find the Best One for You

Credit cards have become a powerful tool for accumulating miles, which can be exchanged for airline tickets and other rewards. As airlines and loyalty programs evolve, several financial institutions offer products that allow users to maximize the accumulation of miles on their routine expenses. Not only everyday purchases, but also larger expenses and international payments can become opportunities to increase your miles balance.

Choosing a card credit to accumulate miles it involves understanding associated loyalty programs, points conversion rates, and additional benefits offered. Joining a credit card Aligned with the user's spending profile and travel needs, it can significantly expand the potential for accumulating miles. Furthermore, responsible expense management is essential to optimize the relationship between consumption and the accumulation of points, avoiding debt and making the most of the advantages offered.

Key takeaways

  • Choosing credit cards wisely can optimize the accumulation of airline miles.
  • Understanding the partnerships between credit cards and loyalty programs is essential.
  • Expense and points management maximizes benefits and avoids debt.

Understanding Credit Cards for Accumulating Miles

Credit cards have become essential tools for those who want to optimize the accumulation of miles, offering different categories and conditions that suit different spending profiles.

What are Miles and Points

Miles are units accumulated through loyalty programs, which can be exchanged for airline tickets or other prizes. The points are similar, however, they can often be used on a wider variety of products and services, in addition to flights. The accumulation of these benefits occurs mainly through expenses incurred with credit card, where each dollar spent converts into a specific number of miles or points.

Importance of Accumulating Miles

For travel enthusiasts, accumulating miles is a valuable aspect, allowing you to reach flights at reduced or even free costs. Loyalty programs linked to cards allow the accumulation of points to occur continuously and incrementally, which can be decisive in obtaining tickets to desired destinations.

How Credit Cards Work with Miles

Credit cards act as intermediaries between everyday expenses and loyalty programs. When making payments with the card associated with a particular program, the consumer accumulates points that can later be converted into miles. The proportion of this conversion varies according to the card specifications, and annuities paid, cards with greater benefits generally have higher annual fees.

Types of Cards and Their Categories

Cards can be divided into categories such as Gold, Platinum, Black, Infinite, Signature e Nanjing Elo, each serving different levels of renda and spending patterns. The higher categories, such as Black e Infinite, tend to offer a accumulation of points more advantageous, in addition to exclusive travel benefits, while the categories Gold e Platinum they may be more accessible for intermediate incomes and offer moderate conditions for accumulating miles.

Choosing the Best Card to Accumulate Miles

When selecting a card to accumulate miles, it is essential to consider specific criteria that directly impact the ability to save and travel more.

Selection Criteria

Choosing a credit card to accumulate miles must be based on criteria such as point conversion rates, annuity and minimum income required. It is essential to analyze whether there are free annual membership options or whether the cost can be offset by the benefits offered. Additionally, make sure that the income ranges adapt to your economic reality.

Benefits and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Benefits include access to VIP rooms at airports, concierge service, and exclusive programs such as Visa Luxury Hotel Collection. Visa and Mastercard cards are known for their vast benefits, while some Elo cards also stand out in this segment. The relationship between the benefits and the annual fee must be favorable for the card to really help you save and accumulate miles.

Comparison between Main Cards

No card comparison, it is necessary to observe how they position themselves in a ranking which takes into account the accumulation of miles and other benefits. Cards Itaú, Bradesco, American Express and other large emitters stand out. For example, some cards that allow you to accumulate miles with digital wallets, favor flexibility of use. It is important to compare the score per dollar spent and whether the card is aligned with the user's needs in relation to travel and associated services.

Loyalty Programs and Partnerships

Loyalty programs offer advantages such as accumulating points on purchases, which can be exchanged for airline tickets or upgrades. Credit cards play a crucial role in enabling extra points on international purchases and establishing partnerships with these programs.

Loyalty Programs Overview

Loyalty programs such as livelo, All blue, LATAM Pass, Smiles e Dial, are mechanisms that companies use to retain customers, rewarding them for their loyalty with the accumulation of points. These points can be exchanged for various benefits, including flights e class upgrades on flights. For example, with the Dial, customers accumulate points that can be used across a wide network of partners, while the All blue offers users the chance to make national and international purchases with accumulated points.

Partnerships between Cards and Loyalty Programs

Credit cards like Box Elo Nanjing, Unicred Visa Infinite, Carbon Mastercard e C6 carbon have established partnerships with loyalty programs, which allows customers to accumulate more points on their usual expenses. When using the Unicred Visa Infinite In international purchases, users benefit from a higher point accumulation rate, which can be converted into miles in partner programs such as LATAM Pass. Likewise, the C6 carbon, in partnership with Mastercard, enables the accumulation of points through the program C6 Bank Atoms, which can then be transferred to the Smiles ou All blue, thus expanding the possibilities for using accumulated miles.

Using Credit Cards Internationally

Using credit cards abroad is a common practice for travelers, offering benefits such as access to VIP lounges and purchase protection, as well as facilitating vehicle rental and purchasing services at travel agencies.

Benefits for Traveling Abroad

VIP lounges: Many cards offer access to VIP rooms at airports, providing a more comfortable travel experience. Programs like Visa Airport Companion are examples of benefits linked to credit cards that enable the use of these amenities.

Vehicle rental: Some credit card brands provide insurance and discounts for car rentals, making this service more accessible and safe when traveling abroad.

International accommodation and shopping: Credit cards often accumulate points on airline and accommodation expenses. Additionally, the purchase protection It can be an important ally against unforeseen events in international acquisitions.

Tips for International Card Use

  • Spending on airlines and accommodation: Using your credit card to pay for these services can generate miles and points for future trips.
  • international purchases: When making purchases abroad, using the card can provide discounts and conversion of points into miles, increasing the potential for savings.
  • Special discounts: Some cards offer benefits such as discounts at Pão de Açúcar and the possibility of issuing up to 6 additional cards, expanding benefits for the entire family.
  • Travel agencies: When using credit cards affiliated with travel agencies, you can obtain special conditions and discounts on tourist packages, making the trip more advantageous.

When using a credit card abroad, it is essential to be aware of the currency exchange rate and possible international transaction fees to ensure that the benefits are made the most of.

Expense and Points Management

Effective spending and points management can ensure that you maximize the accumulation of miles on your credit card. This strategic control involves understanding the mechanics of loyalty programs, making optimal use of accumulated miles and using the appropriate management tools.

Maximizing Point Accumulation

To maximize point accumulation, users must choose a credit card aligned with your consumption profile and offering a good conversion rate of expenses into points. Use the card in Loyalty Programs that have partnerships with stores, hotels and services considerably increases the points balance. Purchases made during promotional periods and the use of the card in international transactions, which generally have a different score, also contribute to the mileage accumulation.

Control and Use of Miles

Efficient control involves regularly monitoring your miles balance, knowing expiration dates and understanding the rules for redeeming miles. passages and services. For optimal use, it is essential to plan the use of accumulated miles in line with personal objectives, whether for travel, stays in hotels or even for upgrades.

Credit Card Management Tools and Applications

There are apps designed to help manage points and miles, offering features such as balance tracking, expiration alerts and tips for accumulate points e miles. These tools are crucial for those who want to optimize the use of their cards in different Loyalty Programs, transforming the accumulation of points into tangible benefits.

By utilizing these methods and tools, credit card holders can maximize the return on their spending by converting it into valuable trips and experiences.


Before choosing a credit card to accumulate miles in 2024, consumers should consider the benefits offered and how they can maximize the accumulation of miles and points.

What are the best credit cards for accumulating miles and points in 2024?

In 2024, the options for credit cards that allow you to accumulate miles and points are vast, but it is worth checking the more attractive offers regularly, as benefits may vary between financial institutions.

How to choose a credit card that offers miles and cashback simultaneously?

When choosing a credit card that offers miles and cashback, it is important to consider the proportion of point accumulation versus cash return, and also evaluate the options available on the market to find the one that best suits the consumer’s needs.

Are there credit cards that provide miles without charging an annual fee?

Yes, there are cards that offer miles and do not charge an annual fee, however it is recommended that you analyze the specific conditions of each card, as some may require a certain amount of spending to exempt the annual fee.

What are the credit card options for those who want miles and have a lower income?

For consumers with lower incomes, there are credit cards that accumulate miles with lower monthly income requirements; It is advisable to carry out careful research to find the best option.

How do credit card points programs that allow you to accumulate airline miles work?

Points programs vary depending on the credit card issuing bank, but generally allow accumulated points to be exchanged for airline miles, making it crucial to understand the conversion and validity rules of the points.

Is it possible to find credit cards that offer free annual fees and allow you to accumulate miles?

Some financial institutions offer credit cards that accumulate miles with no annual fee, although this benefit may be conditioned on a minimum monthly usage or other specific promotional policies.

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